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Rob Morphy is a podcaster, writer, "Crypto-Uncle" and as our first two puzzles clearly show, a dang fine artist! As an illustrator, he has worked with a lengthy list of bands, authors, businesses and more, including the TV series Monsters and Mysteries in America. With an extensive knowledge of cryptozoology and its history, Rob has made countless contributions to websites, magazines and podcasts on the subject. He is the co-host of the Cryptonaut Podcast and co-founder of Cryptopia.

Rob is just one head of the three-headed monster that is the Cryptonaut Podcast (specifically, the middle head) along with co-hosts Marc Storrs and Chris Carnicelli. Together, the three discuss some of the lesser known paranormal encounters from history with a light-hearted and booze-soaked approach. With over 200 free episodes in the archive, and more than 70 bonus episodes available on Patreon, these guys are a must-listen for all fans of the weird and wacky.


Counting Cryptids